Thanks to Andrew KE5GDB for a lot of these suggestions.

Warning Colors

View → Warning Settings → NWS Colors button


Disable Smoothing (gradient icon next to zoom)
Disable Melting Layer (two over)


Site → Select → KFWS
Site → Add to Favorites
Site → Settings → Startup Site: KFWS


GIS → Disable Show Background


GIS → Settings → Roads

  • US Highways: 300 m/p
  • State highways: 275 m/p
  • Other highways: 150 m/p


Windows → Show Placefile Manager
Click + and add each of these APRS placefiles by KE5GDB:

Uncheck the Unfiltered one until needed (rarely).



Panels → Four Panels

  • Top Left: BR 0.5
  • Bottom Left: BR 2.5
  • Top Right: SRV 0.5
  • Bottom Right: SRV 2.5

Panels → Save Current Panel As → Favorite #1


Panels → Two Panels

  • Left: BR 0.5
  • Right: MEHS

Panels → Save Current Panel As → Favorite #1


Download "map files" from Denton ARES:
Extract them and put them somewhere permanent (GRX will look in the same path).

Edit the .sty files in the Style Files folder to change the thresholds. Each file has lines that look like this:
Color: "CFCC" "H01" 25 0 0 205

The third item after Color:, above 25, is the threshold where the shapefiles will be shown.

I set the following thresholds on my files:

  • Hydrology: 25
  • Roads: 50
  • Trains: 25

Now that they're in place and tweaked, load them using GIS → Load ShapeFile. Pick a shape file, and then pick the matching style file (road with road, train with train, etc). Do this for each county you want.